Navion Medical Imaging


Case Study - University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern BC's Geographical Information Systems laboratory needed a classroom full of computers with a rigid set of specifications, geared to a LINUX environment but friendly to the world of MS Windows.

These machines would have to last the GIS Lab approximately 5 years, with the ability to be upgraded along the timeline as software requirements changed. The budget was tight, but the specifications could not be compromised. Navion created a computer that met their requirements, with room for expansion.

Scott Emmons, GIS/RS Senior Lab Instructor:

"Navion was great. They worked with us all through the development of the specifications and never cheaped-out. The specifications kept changing because the University’s buying cycle is fairly long, so from the time we wanted the machines until we finally ordered them was like, six months.

Navion revised the specifications all along the way, making sure that we had what we needed all within our budget. The three-year warranty is unbeatable. Additionally, their great relationship with SGI meant we had no interface problems with our existing SGI hardware"

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