Navion Medical Imaging


Case Study - Dr. Kerim Ozcan

Dr. Kerim Ozcan needed a new network. Working at a previous location with a distributed UNIX application, Dr. Ozcan was building his own facility and needed a network to support a new Windows-based patient management system.

Navion equipped him with a  total solution, including:

  • - an ultra-reliable SGI server for fast data transfer
  • - hot-swapping drive capability and back-up
  • - IBM NetVista systems for his front desk to maximize space and
  • - Windows 2000 for stability and security

In their own words:

"We didn't exactly blow the budget on computers, but we did buy the best we could afford, because we knew this is where the rubber meets the road.  Our patient management system is what enables us to work.  Navion provided us with the best hardware, and was there to help us migrate from the old software to the new stuff, even though they didn’t provide our old system.

We went from UNIX to Windows in one easy motion, and we only had a week to do it.  They have this remote hardware management software that, most of the time, they don’t even need to come in to fix any problems we have, and they’re ALWAYS at the end of the phone.  We’ve even called them on Sunday and had someone come out.  I’d say we’re pretty happy."

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