Navion Medical Imaging


"Membership in the group is free, and is open to students and working professionals."

Navion Medical Imaging - Special Projects

Being a company based in Northern BC, Navion has been involved with the GIS community almost since it's inception.  Oddly enough, many of the disciplines involved in medical imaging are translatable to GIS.

Navion supports groups like the Northern BC GIS User's Group, who host a conference every two years to coincide with Forest Expo, BC’s premier forestry technology showcase.

Membership in the group is free, and is open to students, working professionals and those with an interest in geographical information systems and spatial analysis.

Due to the large geographical areas involved, meetings are few. However, the web site is a touchstone for GIS/GPS employment opportunities, hardware exchanges, proceedings from the last conference (April of 2004) and a message board.

To get on the NBCGIS mailing list to be notified of events and updates to the web page, follow this link ( ) and fill out the contact form.

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